100 Days Session || Raleigh, NC

"I'm pregnant!"

She showed up on my doorstep, Christmas morning, with the sweetest of news. Good tidings, to be exact.

We had prayed and prayed for this day to come. And now there she with a smile that shone brighter than our glowing Christmas tree. GRATITUDE. THANKFULNESS. Oh, praise Him, there just aren't words for what I felt for this dear friend and towards our kind Father. This is not the story for every family struggling with infertility. But this was theirs. And I was simply overjoyed to celebrate with them.

100 days was such a perfect milestone! And a traditional Chinese suit made this little man rather fancy. But don't get the wrong idea about him. He's super down-to-earth.

His name means "Light." I'm gonna go ahead and say that was a perfect choice for this little blessing.

"For this child, I prayed." #1Sam1

Praising God with you, dear friends.

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