Fresh 48 Session || REX Hospital || Raleigh Birth Photography

New parents often have hands that are uncertain, but hearts that are completely bursting with love.

I love Fresh 48 sessions for that reason. The new is so new: the parents, the baby, the grandparents, those first feedings, and oh, the diaper changing, that first poop! (New parents, please know that meconium is just a training ground for future diaper changes. It gets easier!!!) You can gussy things up in a hospital room: put on some lipstick, arrange the flowers and balloons. But you can only add so much when the hormones are still raging and the nurses are still coming in and out, and pillows, sheets and paper cups are strewn in every corner. The grandparents are fidgeting because they'd like to hold this new little treasure just a li----ttle longer. And the new mom has had, oh two hours of uninterrupted sleep. It's basically just a sweet little celebratory disaster. And I don't mind it a bit. I love it, in fact. I think it's all the most beautiful kind of mess.

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