Fresh 48 @ REX Hospital || Baby Girl || Raleigh Birth Photography, NC

This bloom was the only one left on the rose bushes outside the hospital. Clinging on with tenacious beauty, despite the summer heat.

It's a little like this couple. They met when they were teens and their love just never fell away. Years later, they're welcoming baby #2 into their world and their family just keeps blooming. A little more love. A little more craziness. And always a quiet embracing of it all.

It was so sweet watching them soak up their baby girl. Their big boy was at home, enjoying time with grandparents, while they were getting some alone time with this newest addition. Fresh 48 sessions create this quiet space -- even in a bustling hospital -- for pausing, enjoying, admiring a new baby. And I love every minute.

She came four weeks early, so her bow didn't fit. Maybe that's why she's sad?

Welcome to the world, baby Rae! You are so loved.

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