Baby A's Birth Story || Durham Birth Photographer || Duke Regional Medical Center

On a brisk fall morning, the sky was a perfect Carolina blue as I made my way to Duke Regional Medical Center to document the birth story of Baby A. The induction process was off to a slow start, but this team didn't mind. They enjoyed card games and cooking shows while waiting for contractions to begin. Soon enough, things got busier and more exciting. But I've never seen such a energetic, tuned in group of support. I've also never seen both sides of a family wait all night to meet their grandbaby/nephew. This crew was not fooling around. Actually, there was a good bit of goofing off in the waiting room, but after a mere 12 hour wait, they were rewarded handsomely. Literally. Baby A is a total stud. ;) Just kidding. But he was truly a hard-earned reward.

Her best friend served through the entire labor. She handed off the baby once the new mom was ready to really sit up and soak in his sweet face. Of course, everyone was smitten. And crying.

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