Hi, I'm Dana.

I am convinced that this world is filled with wonder as endless as the One (the I AM) who created it all. And as an artist, there is no reality more important or inspiration. He calls himself the Author of Life and I am in awe.

After being a follower of Jesus, I am the wife of one, the mother of two and a storyteller for many. In so many ways this explains my life as photographer. The fact that I was created to be a "creative" and my love for my family are the reasons I got serious with a camera.  

While I enjoy many genres, there is something about mother-and-child imagery that made my heart pound happily. After my first birth-photography adventure in 2015, I found myself utterly hooked. 

Birth stories carry a narrative fullness

Birth stories provide a canvas on which a spectrum of experience and emotion are painted: 

Agony and hysterical joy. 

Quiet waiting and ecstatic relief. 

All kinds of grit and beauty, the stuff of life. 

The strength of a woman and the vulnerability of a newborn baby.

A husband's solid presence for his wife and total tenderness toward his child. 

It's truly the greatest honor to be invited to capture the story of new life through my lens. If you've never considered having a birth photographer, then let's talk. If you're looking for another type of photography service, then I'm happy to talk about that too.