You may not feel quite yourself, but - trust me - you are magical. Your maternal beauty is a mystery to be marveled over. Don't overlook this moment.

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You can't imagine the beauty and power.
See it for yourself and savor your story with birth photography and a storytelling, mini-documentary.



You're about to fall in love, but in the first two weeks,
your baby will change more than you can imagine.
Catch that brief season with photos in your home or your hospital room. Oh, and don't blink. They'll be off and running before you know it.



You've made it through that first amazing (exhausting) year.
Celebrate with photos to forever remind of you of this milestone.


birth films

where memories come to life


When do you arrive at my birth?

I usually arrive when moms are moving into active labor (around 6-7cm+). We'll stay in touch as labor progresses, but because every birth story is a little different, it's a case-by-case decision.

Do you take "those" birth pictures?

For every birth, I capture the full story. This means everything from your husband's tears to your mother's wringing hands. So, yes, I generally capture crowning images and the moment of birth, but if you don't want those images, you can also specify that as we get started and I'm happy to honor your wishes.

How does it work for you to be on-call?

My contract specifies that I am on-call for your birth two weeks prior to and two weeks following your due date. If for some reason your labor begins before that window of time, I would of course, make every effort to be present.

What kind of gear do you use?

My cameras and lenses are chosen specifically for their superior performance in low-light situations. I am comfortable with navigating low-light as needed and feel confident managing a host of light scenarios. (More specifically, I shoot with a Sony a73, Sony a7sii, and a variety of lenses specific to the type of images I'm making.)

What exactly do I receive?

You can expect to receive a large collection of images delivered via a personalized website. All images are available for download and easy to share through my image hosting site. It couldn't be easier to download, print, and share your story.

What about private or intimate images?

You have the power to mark any image as "private," thereby protecting the image with a password. So, you can share as much or as little of your story with confidence that private images stay private and Grandpa Joe can navigate your birth story without seeing anything you don't want him to see.

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