When your angel isn't feeling so angelic there's just no guarantee you'll get those perfect, sleeping newborn photos.

But the beauty of your real life is that it's real! And there's all kinds of loveliness that you probably just never notice when your baby is fussing.

We all have those days.

Some days we're just not feeling like ourselves. Babies have those days, too.

If you've had one, you KNOW babies can have one of those "hours."

But whether it's in the way you comfort her or change (another) diaper or take (another) half hour to feed him, pockets of perfection surround you.

That's what I'm here for.

To capture all of that real and raw. That's why I'm not in a studio, posing your little pumpkin to look just like every other baby. Because your life isn't every other life. Your days don't look the same as everyone else's. Your memories won't look like everyone else's. Neither should your photos.